Story Time: Delivery Nightmare

Since moving to a new city and into a small house, there has only ever been a few parcels delivered to my house. I live in a maisonette on the second floor and share the front door with my downstairs neighbour (who’s never there). 

Having parcels delivered successfully rarely happens. My letter box is tiny and none of my neighbours are friendly enough to accept parcels despite the fact that they aren’t leaving the house – but that’s another issue.

One of the key things that I state on delivery is that they should try the doorbell because we can barely hear knocks upstairs. They never do. Or they do the subtlest of knocks and I check downstairs to see that dreaded note saying you’ve missed your delivery. 

It’s frustrating. More-so by the fact that I have to then go to the collection depot the next day and go ridiculously early to collect it. They rarely have it open after 12, so if you’ve missed it that day…try again the next.

The walk to the collection office is a solid 30/40 minutes from where I live, but due to being a struggling journalist…I walk the route. In summer, it’s gross and sweaty, and in winter it’s usually freezing and wet!

I wish I had a solution for this, but I don’t! Back home with my parents, I knew the neighbours and we were all friendly so it was never a problem with parcels. Living near the city centre just means that most of my neighbours just don’t want anything to do with me. Trust me, I tried to introduce myself when we moved in but I had no such luck.

All I can hope for in future is to move out to a place where I have kind neighbours who’ll accept my parcel or a huge parcel receiver! I guess for last resort, I could always get it sent to somewhere else but where’s the fun in that? 


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Words Charlie Vogelsang.

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