How to celebrate a birthday during lockdown

Birthdays in lockdown made easier, just as special and one to remember. This year some people’s birthdays will be spent in lockdown. Whilst it isn’t the birthday that anyone expected, it is still possible to make it a memorable and special one. 

No matter whose birthday it is, there are many things that you can do to make it the best day possible. Here are some tips on how to celebrate the day in lockdown.


There is no need to have your birthday without your family and friends during the lockdown thanks to digital platforms such as Zoom and House Party. This is the perfect way to chat, dance, and have fun all whilst social distancing. Make the most of the situation by hosting a quiz or playing games.

Other ideas include making a birthday playlist and having a karaoke party over the phone. All your family and friends can help to host the sing-along. Or if you want a more sophisticated occasion, get everyone to enjoy a fancy dinner party. This way everyone can enjoy a meal at home whilst raising a toast to the birthday celebrations.


As many of us are missing our favourite pubs and bars, a pub crawl on your birthday is the perfect way to stay entertained at home and have fun with the people you live with. Designate each room with a pub that you love, a drink of your choice, and move around your house to get the full pub crawl experience. You can also incorporate a game of pub golf and keep score for more fun.

Dress-up in your best golf attire to really get into the pub golf spirit, with polo shirts, knee-high shorts, and an inflatable golf club from Amazon. You can also print off score sheets to keep with the pub golf tradition. The good thing about this is that you can save on a taxi home!


This is the perfect opportunity to practice your cocktail or mocktail skills and create your own. Visit ‘My Bar’ online, tick off all the ingredients you have at home to make drinks, and see all of the possible cocktail options that you can make. You can then make your favourite cocktails and cheers on your birthday. This is an easy way to make use of what you have available and get everyone at home involved.

You can also deck-out the garden with twinkly lights and get dressed up to make the occasion even more special and make a full night of it. Good dress up ideas include dress like the birthday girl/boy, dress like the decade they were born in, or even themed characters from a movie, TV show or book. The possibilities are endless and you can have lots of fun with it

Words by Shannon Mountford

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