7 small things to be happy about right now

Right now, it is hard not to think about everything we want to be getting up to when all of this is over. But while planning a bucket list for post-lockdown is exciting, it is important to remember the small things now that are getting us through.

More than ever, it is easier to appreciate the small things in life that we love and keep our positivity and morale up. Here is a list of little life things we can enjoy and be happy about right now.


While many summer holidays have been cancelled, the UK is currently being blessed with some beautiful weather. Brighter days are always a mood booster, and while we are still at home, the sun is something to really appreciate and enjoy. This also means ice lollies, bike rides, and bronzed skin, so grab your summer dresses and bask in the sun.


If you’ve got your summer dress on, why not sort out some picnic bits and head to your local green space. Picnics are a summer past time and the perfect way to get out of the house and have some fun. You could even meet up with a friend for a social distance picnic and enjoy lunch together for the first time in months! This will cheer you up and is a small thing that you can really appreciate.


One of the biggest positives to come out of the lockdown is family time. In our busy lives, it can be hard to fit in time to get the household together and appreciate each other’s company. This time has really shown how precious our family is and while we are ready to get everything back to normal, we can all look back and remember how beautiful family time has been.


While we have been at home with our families, missing friends, other relatives, and work colleagues has been hard. Staying connected online, doing quizzes, facetime, and virtual just about everything, has been super fun and something we should appreciate. We’ve made loads of memories over the phone these past few months that will last a lifetime.


Normally the alarm goes off way earlier than you’d like it to, making us get up, ready and out the door to get to work on time. But with some time back, lie-ins on a weekday are one of our new favourite things. And yes, while many people are starting to go back to work, we can look back and really appreciate those extra minutes in the morning under the duvet.


Many of us have fur babies at home and leaving them when we go to work every day can be a little heart-breaking. But the magic of lockdown has allowed us to be around our pets nonstop and has been a treasured part of staying at home. Endless cuddles and company are things to really cherish during this crazy time.


Lockdown has been the reinvention of our hobby life. Whether you have taken up yoga, reading, knitting, or cooking, a new hobby is a lovely small thing to take out of staying at home. We’ve had the opportunity to finally start something that we’ve never had time for, and you should definitely take this newfound thing into out post-pandemic life.

Words by Shannon Mountford

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