Five things I’m doing during lockdown

Originally posted on Shannon’s Blog

Whilst we are all pushing through and staying at home to help keep everyone safe and healthy, being restricted to going outside and seeing friends and family can be quite difficult, especially if you are usually a busy bee.

More than likely you will be working from home but with the ability to do so, I personally have more time than usual to do whatever else I want to do. And yes whilst I have dreamt about having more time many times, now that I have the opportunity to do as I please around doing work, it is almost overwhelming.

One thing that I don’t want to do is spend some time thinking of what to get up to around the house that I waste hours and the day has ticked by without actually accomplishing anything.

So I have come up with five things that I will be doing daily to fill my day and keep me occupied so that I don’t feel bored or watch everything on Netflix and be glued to my laptop.

  1. At-home workouts

With restricted movement and one outing a day guideline, it is important for me to keep as active as possible.

Having recently got back into going to the gym and working out, I am not letting this situation stop me and have taken to at-home workouts to keep me moving.

It could be easy right now to be relatively inactive and sit around for a lot of the day so putting on the gymwear and getting outside whilst the weather is nice to get the blood pumping is a good way to go.

There are a lot of free and online workouts flying around at the moment so everyone can have a go.

I can’t not take this opportunity to get my summer bod whilst I can’t complain about not having enough time to hit the gym that day.

  1. Reading

Reading is my favourite hobby tbh, and I can be found with a book on my possession at all times. But now I have the perfect opportunity to steal a couple of hours a day just to sit and read, and I am certainly not complaining.

It is a great way to relax for a while and destress whilst we are stuck at home, so I would recommend to anyone who has a book or two that they have been waiting to read but having got round to yet, to pick it up and get stuck in whilst you have the chance.

  1. Saving some dollar

I know that I am not the only one to have their inboxes flooding with discount codes and sales from brands every day at the moment.

In the past, I have found it hard with a capital H to not give in to a good old sale or 20% off, especially when it’s coming from ASOS, but I am really trying my hardest to not give in to this marketing and save my money.

When you have all the time in the world to shop, it’s hard to not keep adding stuff to your cart but I am really am taking control of my urges and saving my money.

I know that summer is coming up and I am thinking ahead to my spring/summer wardrobe but whilst I am wearing hoodies or gymwear on a daily, I am talking myself put off purchases and holding off for now.

Also, I’m really concentrating on the things I can save for, which leads me onto…

  1. Planning my next trip

Ironic I know right now but this is actually a great time to think about the things you want to get up to when we are able to explore the world again.

But seeing as I am saving the money, I may as well think ahead right?!

I am big on traveling and whilst I haven’t had the opportunity to explore that much so far, I have been manifesting for a while now that I want to get into the world more and do go to the places I dream about.

Therefore, because I already have my summer holiday booked, I’m thinking ahead and looking to next year and planning my next move.

So far I have found this very liberating and exciting, and it’s never a bad thing to look forward to something and have something in the works.

Australia 2021 I’m coming for ya!!!!

  1. Catching up

Whilst it appears I am filling my days with things to do, I am also taking this opportunity to catch-up on everything.

You name it, I’m catching up on it. Sleep. Work. Cleaning. Diet. Skincare. The list could go on and on tbh but you get the idea.

Usually, we aren’t given an opportunity to really take time to catch up and wind down, and really take a moment to slow down.

It is super important to look after yourself and know what you need to feel better. I’m hoping to take this time to slow down and just have time for myself and breathe a little.

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Words Shannon Mountford.

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