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Anyone who knows me well will know that there isn’t a time that I don’t have a book on my possession.

I am a huge advocate for reading and always try and persuade people read whenever they can. Considering that we now have endless hours to kill at home after we have caught up with everything, this is the perfect time to dig out the books that you bought but never read.

Or if you need some new additions to your collection, and still knowing that amazon parcels are still being delivered, adding a few to your cart can’t do you too much harm.

I have read many books in my time and have many recommendations (yes apart from Paige Toon – I read other things aha) so if you need some inspiration, you have come to the right place.

In no particular order:

The Giver of Stars by Jojo Moyes

This is one of the most recent novels that I have read and I would highly recommend to any reader. Personally, I think this is one of the most wholesome books that I have ever read, and it left me feeling all fuzzy and warm at the end.

Unlike a lot of novels that I have read the story is not clouded with side plots and is not crammed with nonsense, with every detail significant to the story.

I won’t give anything away because this is a must read. It is truly captivating. Especially as it relays the honest story of the Horseback Librarians and the strength that they had.

(Saying this, I would recommend any novel written by Jojo. Every book that I have read has never failed to make me smile.)

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood

The Handmaid’s Tale, and the New Testament of course, are two o the most amazing stories that I have in my collection.

Unlike any other books that I have read, both of these explore a world in the near future which yet is unimaginable to human kind. Because of this, they are exceptionally hard to put down as you get lost in a dystopian fantasy and really get a feel for a different world through the characters.

Thankfully there are two to get stuck into, but if you are like me, you’ll want the next that doesn’t even exist yet. But here’s hoping that another book for this story is on the cards.

Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

You may well have heard a hundred times or more that you should read Pride and Prejudice. But if you take this opportunity to do so, you will understand why.

Whilst you may have seen numerous film adaptions over the years, there is nothing like the novel. Undoubtedly, reading the book will make you love the classic story even more.

But if it is your first encounter with this story, you will not be disappointed either. There is nothing better than a true love story to bring your happiness and hope throughout this time, and it will really compel you to understand what is important and who you are.

The Host by Stephanie Meyer

Stephanie Meyer I hear you say – that name rings a bell!

The Twilight novelist does have other books under her belt and The Host is a great one. I remember reading this for the first time on holiday sat relaxing round the pool and I was absolutely fixed on the story and always looked forward to carrying on reading the next day more than sunbathing.

Set in a post apocalyptic time, this story explores relationships, friendships and the need to survive. If you aren’t a Twilight fan I wouldn’t let you be put off reading this, as it explores a whole other world and isn’t as gussy as her other series – in my opinion.

Honestly give it ago and you won’t be disappointed.

Phillip Marlowe series by Raymond Chandler

I have been a fan of Raymond Chandler ever since my A-Level English studies and I was asked to read The Lady in the Lake – alongside The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins which I would also recommend if you want another classic.

The Lady in the Lake is number four of the Phillip Marlowe seven book series, but is a pretty stand alone book like the rest. You can easily jump into any of the books without having read any of the others and enjoy the stories for what they are.

At least three of these detective fiction books have been regarded as masterpieces: Farewell, My Lovely (1940), The Little Sister (1949), and The Long Goodbye (1953). And even after years since his death, Chandler’s book series has grown increasing popular and I am definitely one of the readers that agrees with the critics.

I am yet to finish all seven novels but they are definitely on my shelf waiting for me during self-isolation.

I do of course have many more book recommendations and it was difficult to pick just five, but with lock down set for three weeks at the moment, I feel like this is enough to keep you going for now!

So go forth and read and get lost in the stories.

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Words Shannon Mountford. 

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