How fake tan saved my self-esteem

Originally posted on Shannon’s Blog.

Up until a couple of years ago, I had never stepped inside a tanning shop, been on a sunbed or bought a bottle of fake tan. And if anyone would have sent me to do any of these things I would not have had a clue. Period.

But fast forward two years and, my mum specifically, would describe me as a tanaholic. I know reading this you may automatically picture an original TOWIE star who is tanned to the nines in a shade of orange. This is not me, so let’s erase that image straight away.

If I do say so myself I am now a fake tanning connoisseur, and seeing as the only time I am not wearing it is after exfoliating the old tan off and putting the new tan on, I definitely know what I am talking about.

The big question to answer now is why?

Why did I start doing it in the first place?

Well, up until going to university my fair and freckled skin never bothered me. It never even crossed my mind that I would want to be a bronzed goddess all the time and only ever expected to have a tan after being on tropical holiday (after the burn calmed down of course).

Admittedly, I had barely even touched makeup at this point but that’s kind of irrelevant. So, having started uni again I still had no interest in any of this stuff for the first year but being around girls all the time – female only flat and course pretty much – I began comparing myself to the way they looked and noticed that I had grown a considerably negative opinion of myself very quickly.

I really learned to hate the way I looked and started to think of ways that I could pick myself up. And then my friend, a fellow fake tanner, introduced me to the bronzed AF realm.

Pretty much from this moment, I was hooked and I cannot even explain the wonders that it did for my self-esteem. Honestly, I wouldn’t necessarily advise anyone to have a crutch like this especially when dealing with your wellbeing and mental health, but I can hand on heart say that being tanned has made me feel significantly more confident. And I am not the only one.

According to a survey, at least 88 percent of women agree that being tanned makes them feel considerably more confident, giving them not only a golden glow but a self-esteem glow as well.

I have also never had a fake tan catastrophe either touch wood so that has always been a plus. I vow to never have a Bride Wars moment.

All in all, I would definitely say that being able to be tanned on the drop of a mousse has kind of changed my life. I feel confident to go outside in the summer baring my legs which is something I would never have done before. I feel confident enough to not wear makeup in public – its okay, I have a special tanning wipe for my face which doesn’t block your pores and yes that is a thing. And I feel confident in the gym.

If you have read my previous blog about me quitting the gym you will be happy to know I have returned as I really missed it and have a tropical holiday booked for August so being confident in a bikini is the next step!

In saying that I have never been away on a sun holiday since becoming a fake tanner so as of yet I have not decided whether I will be baring all before I go away to get the natural tan I am chasing. To be honest, I am not really a sunbather as it is because of the sticky suncream, so I may go for a spray tan and just moisturise up but we shall see.

So, all in all, I can only say that fake tan saved my self-esteem. I have always had a fair few insecurities but being a tanned goddess really helps me to tackle those inner demons on a daily basis and genuinely makes me feel better about myself to my mum’s dismay when she sees my slept in sheets eek.

And there we go.

If anyone as any tanning questions feel free to drop me a message because I could pretty much write a guide book and am happy to part my wisdom to anyone or give any recommendations.

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Words Shannon Mountford.

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