A tale of a podcast: GIRLS IRL

Originally published by Charlie Vogelsang in The GIRLS IRL Magazine.

Shannon and I decided to make a podcast after many discussions. It started by a tutorial given as University in which we were shown how to use a RodeCaster. We thought it seemed easy to use and we have access…but we weren’t aloud.

After careful discussions with professionals, we decided to make a list of potential topics to discuss and see if we could find 10 things. Thankfully, we managed to do so and Shannon even came up with our fabulous name.

We wanted to record in a proper studio but ended up being rejected for that…so we were left at loose ends. A few technicians gave us advice on certain things but we had no real assistance.
Until one fine day, a lovely gentleman told us about the recording devices used by broadcast journalists and we could try with two mics. We tried it. It worked and the rest is history.

Our first episode exposed relationships and we found a theme of women and their issues. We are the girls in real life who deal with problems with friends and struggling to deal with social media.
Using software at University, we edited the audio and uploaded it to Anchor and then later Spotify and Apple podcasts which was a proud moment. We were featured on BBC Upload four times (once in Sheffield and three times in Nottingham).

This sounds like a eulogy but it’s just the beginning. We’ve kicked off season 2 of our podcast with a bang – exposing women and the gross things they do but will never admit. We’re also pushing forward with our website and opening our platform for new voices to tell their stories.

This may be the end of issue 1, but it’s just the start of The GIRLS IRL. We have so much planned for the future and we hope you join us. If you’re feeling bored, then give our podcast a listen and laugh about our misfortunes in life but also our struggles and how we’ve overcome them.

Thank you for reading, and we hope you join us for our next issue.

Words Charlie Vogelsang

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