The lessons we learned from the Friends characters

Originally published on Shannon’s blog.

Everyone’s beloved US sitcom ‘Friends’ has some of the most iconic moments in TV history.

We’ve laughed, cried, drank coffee and been through all of Ross’ marriages with the gang, and it still to this day a fan favourite.

Each of the characters brings something amazing to the show and its fair to say they have taught us a lot over the years of watching the show.

In honour of our favourite onscreen characters, here is what each one of them has taught us.

Phoebe taught us to embrace our weird and be true to ourselves

The episode where Phoebe teaches Rachel to run in park like no one is watching and not to care what people think.

Phoebe Run GIF - Phoebe Run Running - Discover & Share GIFs

Ross and Rachel taught us that what’s meant to be, will be

The last episode where Rachel gets off the plane and reunites with Ross, after 10 seasons of on again and off again, having a baby and saying the wrong name at the alter, showing us how the right things will work our in the end.

Monica taught us that you change if you aren’t happy

The episodes where we take a trip down memory lane and see Monica in her teens looking a bit different to her 20-something self. She really inspired us to change ourselves if we aren’t happy.

Joey taught us that you don’t have to share your food

‘JOEY DOESN’T SHARE FOOD’ is a line everyone knows. Even though sharing is caring, if you don’t want to share your food that’s okay too.

Joey Food GIFs | Tenor

Chandler taught us it’s too late to change your career

Even if you will be the oldest person in an entry level job and your boss is 10 years your junior, it’s all worth it if you are following your dreams.

They all taught us that don’t need a plan

Even if you don’t have a pla- that’s okay.

Lisa Kudrow Friends GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Ross taught us that you should make it clear when you are on a break

The famous debate of ‘we were on a break’ is still undecided to this very day. We really need to clear when we are on a break to avoid all the issues.

Rachel taught us that you can get your dream job if you work hard

Things don’t always come easy but if you keep at it, you’ll land your dream job and be as happy as ever.

Joey taught us to be curvy and embrace it

We all know the episode where Rachel’s sister says “A moment on the lips, is a lifetime on the hips.” Joey simply replies “I’M CURVY AND I LIKE IT!” We should all remember this and eat the meatball sub if we want it.

Ross taught us to turn around when we have a spray tan

And do not count in Mississippi.

Ross Geller Friends GIF - Find & Share on GIPHY

Phoebe taught us to do things even if we aren’t good at them

If you can’t sing, sing at the top of your lungs. If you can’t play guitar, do it anyway. Do what makes you happy no matter what.

Rachel, Monica, Joey, Ross and Chandler taught us to support our friends even when they can’t sing or play guitar

All five of them showed us to support our friends at their endeavours because that’s what friends do. Even if they aren’t that good.

Ross taught us the importance of grammar

Throughout the series, Ross reminds us how to speak correctly an awful lot. If you are losing in an argument, comment on someone’s grammar, that sure to shut them up.

Chandler taught us to laugh and make jokes

Sometimes you need a laugh and make the best of what we have.

Monica taught us that you might fall in love with the least expected guy

The one were Chandler and Monica your know… Sure no one expected them two to fall in love, but a marriage, twins and a new house later, they proved that being with your best friend can be remarkable.

Chandler And Monica GIFs - Get the best GIF on GIPHY

Rachel taught us to separate our whites from our colours

Because otherwise all our clothes will turn pink and we’ll look like a big marshmallow.

Joey and Phoebe taught us that is okay to date as many people as we want

There is nothing wrong with playing the field. Just hope that two of you dates don’t meet by accident. Awkward.

Ross taught us all about Unagi

Need I say more.

Unagi Friends GIF - Unagi Friends RossGeller - Discover & Share GIFs

They all taught to live with a friend at some point

Before you live with anyone, live with your friends and create some amazing memories with them. They will be some of the best years of your life.

And that our friends will always be there for us no matter what.

Even when the rain starts to fall.


Words by Shannon Mountford.

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