Tidy bathroom, tidy mind!

I am the sort of person that overthinks everything. In the past, I’ve been terrible with it and literally spent nights crying about one little comment I said by mistake. Over the years, I have improved alot but I’m still learning to be the best version of myself.

Through lockdown, it’s been tough. Some days I’ve been fine and motivated, but others I have literally spent the morning in bed crying. As someone with asthma (and had pneumonia twice), I knew I couldn’t just let myself roam free outside as it would be stupid and dangerous to everyone.

I did learn one thing that seriously helped me feel better and feel productive – cleaning. Stay with me because it actually works. I found out that completely cleaning my environment helped my mental state feel better.

Cleaning helps to burn calories too and can increase endorphins which make our brain feel better. Personally, I felt that cleaning made me feel in control of my surroundings and that I can be in control of my emotions and my moods.

I made a diary of my emotions, I’ve spoken to professionals and had so much help dealing with my mental health. Cleaning has helped me the most. I feel like I have achieved something and have something physical to show for it.

The world may seem impossible at the moment, but try tidying up your house for a little bit and see if you feel a bit better. It won’t solve inequality or stop world hunger, but it’s a step to a positive future that you can achieve. As soon as you’ve cleaned, you’ll feel like you can conquer anything and that you’re ready to face this world.

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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