5 of the best pop-culture book shops

Pop-culture has provided us with so much inspiration and passion through TV, films and books. What about if those two were combined together inspiring us even more. From Flourish and Blotts from Harry Potter to Meg Ryan’s amazing shop in You’ve Got Mail, here are five of the best pop-culture book stores that we wish were real.


In a small town, you need to have a charming and inspiring book shop. Gilmore Girls has the perfect little cluttered shop named Stars Hollow Books and it’s everything you would want. Rory loves it so much that she even gets a job there, just to spend all her spare time reading in this cute shop. Plus, it helps that literary bad boys hang out in this charming indie bookshop.


If only buying books for school was as exciting as going to this shop from Harry Potter. The magical shop is located near Diagon Alley and is full of magical and enchanted books. The possibilities are endless in this shop and we wish we could just get lost reading about all the mystical tales.


The entire world of Hugo was magical, but the bookshop caught our eye for the reportedly stacks of over 40,000 volumes. It’s located at Gare Montparnasse and is owned by Monsieur Labisse, with the goal to give power to children and learn about the power of reading. The bookshop looks gorgeous in Paris, but it’s magical because of the charm and heart of the owner.


From the film, You’ve Got Mail, this is a joyous bookshop centered in NYC that includes storytime with its incredible owner Kathleen Kelly. The staff are like a family and the shop just carries around magical spirits that enchant children and it’s a wonder. We just wish that she could have a great romance without her shop going out of business.


Notting Hill set up Hugh Grant as an adorable bookstore owner who finds his life turned upside down when a celebrity comes into his shop. That’s great, but we really want to check out this bookstore and get lost in the shabby-cuteness. Of course, we wouldn’t mind seeing a celebrity whilst we were browsing.

Words By Kat Howard

Photocredit: Warner Bros

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