How To Practice Self-Care During Your Lunch Break

Although lockdown restrictions in the UK are beginning to ease, it’s going to be some time before we return fully to normal. There is so much uncertainty as to whether people will return to full work in an office due to the financial pressures and the threat of a second wave looming over us. 

As many people are working from home to stay safe, it’s understandable that it’s affecting many people’s mental health. People across the country are dealing with heightened emotional stress as a result of the crisis and it’s important to find new ways to cope with these feelings to take care of our mental health.

If you are really struggling with your mental health, then you should always seek professional help. If you are interested in learning more about dealing with your wellbeing day-to-day, then we have five ways you can fit self-care into your lunch break to give yourself that much needed boost. 


This sounds silly but stick with us! Many people working from home actually forget to take time for their lunch and just grab a snack to work at their desk. Make sure you take the time away from your desk for at least 30 minutes, and force yourself to have a sit-down meal. Be creative and make a fancy lunch, after all you have your full kitchen to work with!


Physical interaction is a tough one, but you can always call someone via your mobile or video chat. It’ll help to talk to someone and hear their voice to bring you back to reality. If you’re having a tough day, then you can always vent to them or just get a second opinion. It’s always good to express your feelings and it might make you feel less lonely. 


It can be tough to do this but it does help. Instead of scrolling through Facebook or checking your work email on your break, throw down your phone and do something else. Whether it’s sitting still and just decompressing, or reading – it’ll help you. Then once you go back to work, you’ll feel refreshed and ready to work. 


Whilst it’s annoying to admit, exercise has the power to make you feel good due to the combination of neurotransmitters going through your body. It’ll give you an excuse to get away from your desk but it’ll help you to be active and move your body. You don’t have to have a strict regime (as it could just be walking around the block) but some exercise should be done on your break. 


It’s time to be selfish and pamper yourself during your break. Even if it’s something little like putting on nail varnish or putting on a facemask, make time to treat yourself. You’ll feel better about yourself if you take some time just to focus on yourself. It can be meditation or just getting dressed in something a little more stylish, but you’ll feel 100% better afterwards.

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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