HeyGirl: A new app for making friends!

Finding someone to date has become easier with dating apps such as Tinder and OkCupid, but what about making friends? After you’ve finished school or university, it’s difficult to make friends your own age and it can come off a bit desperate to message random strangers. 

That was until Beth Cleavy and Rob Swift decided to make a free app, called HeyGirl, to help anyone who identifies as female to meet friends who share their interests. 

How was HeyGirl born?

It was created by Beth Cleavy after she had realised how hard it was to make friends in your mid twenties. “I always assumed it was a ‘me’ problem, but recently I’ve seen an influx of women online talking about how they wish they had more female friends,” said Cleavy. “Since me and my partner own an app company, I decided to take the leap and make that app.” 

After research through polls on TikTok, they found that 90% of participants wish they had more female friends. “This was a huge moment of validation and made me realise just how many women this app could help,” said Cleavy. “It’s a huge responsibility but I’m so ready for it!”

What is HeyGirl?

The intention of the app is to make friends with other people who identify as women in a safe and man-free zone. The app aims to connect other girls who share interests with you, it could be someone who loves the same films as you or just someone to go on outdoors adventures. HeyGirl intends to find a friend for you safely in your local area that you can meet and hang out with. 

“We want to empower women to feel confident and share their interests, then meet like-minded people who share them too,” said Cleavy. “We pride ourselves on being safe with ID verification when you sign up and have a strict ‘no men’ policy.”

What to expect on the app?

According to the website, you can make your own personalised profile that matches your individual style and aesthetic – similar to dating apps like Tinder. You’ll have to write a short introduction matched with photos and interests, so that visitors can see what interests you have in common and what you’re like. 

After you’ve connected with someone, you can send them a message and talk from there. During your search you can adjust filters to match with specific people such as someone your age or someone with a specific interest.

Is it safe?

HeyGirl is aware of catfishes and they’re doing the best they can to avoid this. The app will ask for ID verification when you sign-up and will receive a blue verification tick on your profile when you have. 

“HeyGirl has ID verification that will ask users to upload their ID as well as a quick video of them saying ‘Hey Girl’,” Cleavy said. “Once a user is verified they’ll receive a blue tick on their profile to show others that they are legit. HeyGirl users can also filter out people who are not verified.” This will show people that you are legit and not just on the site to harass and creep people out. The feature can be skipped, but you’ll just have to ignore the people who aren’t verified. 

The app is for anyone who identifies as a woman and they are working hard to bring this across. Cleave said: “We want the app to be extremely inclusive for any trans women so we will handle this with compassion.”

When is it out?

There is no release date yet but they are currently testing out their app with hopes of a beta in the next few weeks. Once it’s released, it will be free and an app available globally. 

If you’re someone who identifies as female and wanting friends, it’s something you should definitely check out. Make sure to sign up for updates here, we honestly can’t wait to meet new friends!

Words By Charlie Vogelsang

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