Essentials for a good night’s sleep

Everyone loves a good night’s sleep, but sometimes it’s difficult to actually get it. After a long stressful day, the perfect solution is a restful night. Fear no more, we have compiled a list of five ways you can help improve your sleeping pattern.

Here are five essentials for a good night’s sleep.


Nothing is more important than your mattress and it can make all the difference between whether you sleep like a baby. If your mattress is over ten years old or you find yourself waking up multiple times – you may need a new mattress. 


Sleeping on the wrong pillow can completely ruin your night. Some people sleep better with big cushions whilst others prefer smaller ones, make sure that yours is the right one for you. 


This may seem like a stupid point to bring up, but being in a room that is pitch black will help you sleep. This includes staring at your phone screen at night. If you can’t sleep, then don’t go to your phone as it’ll trick your body into thinking it’s more awake than it actually is. 


Whether you want to block out the sounds of the city or your partner snoring, maybe invest in a noise machine. It’ll help you sleep more soundly by evening things out and making ambient noises less noticeable. 


If all else fails, then completely numb your senses and buy a sleep mask to ensure you’ll sleep. It’ll block out the light and help you to sleep. If you want to go the extra mile, then get ear plugs to ensure that you’ll have a dreamy sleep (just make sure your alarm is set and loud for the morning). 

Words By Jenna Rink

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