Where to find Halloween goodies for your home

It’s almost that time of year where you can release your inner spooky and express your darker side. Halloween is arguably one of the most fun times of the year where it’s perfectly acceptable to dress as someone else and embrace the horror. 

Some shops may have Halloween-themed goodies throughout the year, but Autumn is when shops really let loose and you can find items to fill up your home with cool but supernatural items. Here are five amazing shops with some of the most glorious items to decorate your home with. 


Whilst there are some items available on their website, the best items are usually in store. Personally, I started shopping for Halloween stuff here at the beginning of September and found some wonderful sugar skull decorations. They’ll have all your needs at affordable prices from adorable kitties on pumpkins to witch inspired snow-globes – it’s all too good to resist. 


Prior to 2020, I had never shopped at Wayfair but their Halloween collection changed my mind. On their website, they have everything from costumes to sugar skull planters. Some of it is gloriously tacky, but it fits with the vibe of Halloween. If you want a huge variety of scary goodies, then check out their online site. 


If you want class with your Halloween styled decor, then check out Kinky Angel’s website. It’s all to a high quality and they have literally everything. You want a skull toilet brush holder or candles that bleed, then you gotta check out their stuff. It’s all incredibly unique and you’ll never see anything else like it. 


This was a tough decision to make, but I was immediately sold by their scary animated telephone. They do have some serious bargains on their website along with some other cheaply made ones. Their skull candle holders got me (I’m a sucker for skulls) and I immediately saw their worth. Like TK Maxx, they have different items in store so make sure to check out your local one for the full Halloween experience. 


This was a service that I saw advertised on billboards and heard about through friends, but I hadn’t used the website until this year. They literally have everything from skull tote bags to witchy jewelry. It’s dangerous to go on this website as all you’ll want to do is spend all your money on the amazing goodies you see. 

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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