Ridiculous Victorian Etiquette Rules That Actually Make Sense

There was no question that Victorian etiquette was quite bizarre. From rules such as it was illegal to celebrate a marriage after mid-day, to a lady not having more than one glass of champagne, Victorian society had some ridiculous rules. 

Despite this, there are some rules from Victorian society that are rational and need to make a comeback. Here are five ridiculous Victorian etiquette rules that actually make sense.

Anything that detracts from the pleasure of society is in bad taste.

This is one that has aged nicely and should be prominent in modern day society. Do not distract from the pleasure of society aka positivity, and focus on this rather than the negative things going on. 

One must never smoke, again, in the streets; that is, in daylight. The deadly crime may be committed, like burglary, after dark, but not before.

Smoking is so unfashionable in 2020 as it’s dangerous for your body and bad for the environment. It was considered a crime to smoke in the street in Victorian england and we 100% agree with this rule. 

No checking out other women

Ladies didn’t have to worry about their partner straying to another party. In a manual Etiquette for Gentlemen from 1857, it said “A gentleman, whilst dancing with a lady, should pay almost exclusive attention to her; and at the close of a dance ask her to take refreshments.” 

You could take your BFF on your honeymoon

Hanging out with your besties on holiday is literally the best, and in Victorian England you could take your female companion on your honeymoon. It was customary for the bride to take a female companion along.

Never say no to karaoke

If your host asks you to belt out a song, then you must comply. There is no being a party pooper and if you were asked to sing, then you must fulfil this and provide an entertaining show.

Words By Kat Howard

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