5 ways fashion has changed in 2020

Fashion was never supposed to be comfortable, it’s a form of free speech for people to express themselves. Sometimes that could be with stiletto high-heels to say that they are woman who are unafraid of anything or it could be just be a powerful blazer to give you the confidence to run a meeting.

Some many think that fashion is just clothes and nothing more but they are wrong. Fashion is everything as it’s what, how and when we wear it. 2020 in fashion has changed drastically due to the lockdown situations but it’s made many change their opinion on whats fashionable.

Here are five ways that fashion has changed in 2020.

Say goodbye to tailored outfits!

Since more people are working from home, the effort to wear the tailored pencil skirt or suit has changed. Working from home can be so uncomfortable, so people are now saying goodbye to their formal suits and acknowledging that everyday is casual friday.

Has working from home ensured that being comfortable is fashion?

Skinny jeans are a no!

Out in the real world, skinny jeans are queen. They are the perfect weapon to hide certain bumps or to show of the curves you’ve got. The problem is that, they aren’t fun to sit down and work in for 8 hours straight. Many people have been swapping skinny jeans for comfortable jeans or even pjs. Sorry skinny jeans, but you’re time may have come (at least until we’re allowed to roam outside freely).

Will skinny jeans be replaced by joggers?

Roots are stylish

With many people being unable to book into salons or not feel comfortable to do so, growing roots are becoming normal and stylish. Many celebs Sophia Ritchie and Margot Robbie are two celebrities who have been growing out their roots even before lockdown! Say goodbye to a full head of colour.

It’s no longer a fashion crime to show your dark roots, so you can put away that horrible hat!

Natural hair is beautiful

It’s stressful to straighten or maintain your hair, let your natural hair flow. Many people have been showing off their gorgeous curls or frizzy hair. Just embrace the natural look and you’ll fit into 2020 fashion. I personally have been embracing the horrible friz and rocking it.

Loungewear is king

You’d be lying to yourself if you said that you haven’t worn lounge-bottoms or leggings through lockdown. Comfy is the way forward and many fashion retails have started focusing on lounge-wear clothes instead of office wear.

Comfy is the new fashion trend!

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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