Careers tips we can take from Emily in Paris

Just like a lot of people, I binge watched Emily In Paris into three days. Primarily because Paris is a stunning city, everyone was swooning over one particular actor so I was curious, the fashion of course, and the series description pretty much summed up a dream career of mine. So naturally I was curious.

If you haven’t heard about this trending series yet, here is a quick low-down. Emily Cooper, played by Lily Collins, relocates to Paris from Chicago to work for the company Saviour. As well as providing an ‘American perspective’, Emily also is a master of social media and marketing. She uses her talents to attempt to push Saviour to the next level.

Noting that Emily is an online wizard, I was watching this series from almost two different pairs of eyes. One, being the lover of a comedy-drama. And two, being from a career perspective. Of course, things are never as they are in the movies. Emily in Paris is filled with tips and inspiration for making it in the digital marketing world, so keep scrolling to hear what I learned.

Looking professional always goes along way in business

Always dress up for the office

It’s okay if your boss doesn’t like you

Be nice and you’ll be a winner

If you have ideas put them out there, no matter how quirky or different they seem

Whether you like it or not, social media is good for business

Take a tragic situation and make something beautiful out of it

Relationships in the workplace are always tricky and extremely risky

If you get fired, it doesn’t mean you failed

Take any challenge that comes you way, even if it is Vaga-Jeuene

Don’t EVER mix business with pleasure

Network! Network! Network!

Research and know your client

Don’t be intimidated by your colleagues. Even if they have more experience than you

Don’t take things too seriously… unless a million dollar watch is involved

Look for ideas and inspiration everywhere

Believe in what you are doing and you’ll do great

Thanks for the tips, Emily!

Words by Shannon Mountford

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Copyright: Netflix

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