Myths about weight loss

There are so many sites and advice columns on the internet about losing weight – and most of them are extremely dangerous. From miracle cures to starvation, they are seriously damaging not only physically but to someone’s mental health. 

Here are five myths about weight loss that are completely false.


Eating loads of calories can cause weight gain – it doesn’t matter about the time. Calories after 8pm are still the same calories. This doesn’t mean you should binge 24/7, but just focus on eating nutritional food in your diet at times that suit you. 


They contain health proteins and fats that keep you fuller for longer. Research shows that people who eat eggs for breakfast often weigh less! They do contain cholesterol and are bad in a lot of ways, but a healthy woman can eat two eggs a day without negatively impacting her health. 


Carbohydrates are an important part of your diet and a source of energy for the body. They provide vitamins and minerals, and some cells in the body need them to survive. Brown bread, rice and pasta are often the best for your body but avoiding carbs is a big no-no! 


Again, some fats are vital for a balanced diet and are important for health. Obviously, trans fat and saturated fats can cause health problems in excessive amounts – but please don’t avoid all fats. This doesn’t mean that you can eat a full cake by yourself, but don’t cut all fats from your diet as some are needed. Just make sure that you don’t over-indulged to dangerous amounts. 


Not all fast-food is unhealthy, as many chains have started healthier options. This means that you can treat yourself to a fast-food place provided that you get a healthy option. Due to the increased consciousness surrounding health, many fast-food places have healthier alternatives to fatty foods. Whilst a salad from McDonalds may not sound exciting, it’s a healthy alternative to cooking at home.

Words By Jenna Rink

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