7 things girls did at sleepovers in the 00s

It’s the age of nostaglia due to the depressing reality at the present. Many people are looking to the past to remember times when the world didn’t feel like it was ending. Let’s go back to the 2000s and remember 7 things that girls did at sleepovers. It could be cringey or it could be a forgotten treasure, here are 7 things you did at sleepovers during the 00s.


As you grow up, you have to worry about your weight and staying healthy. This completely goes out of the window at sleepovers. Part of the fun was having sugary snacks at midnight and getting food all over your bedding. Who cares if you woke up next to popcorn, it means you had a fun night with your friends.


In the 2000s, fashion and beauty was very different. During sleepovers, you’d probably have bright eyeshadow and clear lipgloss matched with horrible bronzer. This makeup added with horrendous clothes made for an amazing sleepover. It’s a good job that camera phones were so poor in quality, as no-one could take this look in HD.


The 2000s were prime for ultimate films directed at girls. From classics such as Mean Girls to She’s The Man, there was no limit to the incredible films being released. They weren’t just films about girly issues, but all about empowerment to make the girls of the 2000s some of the strongest.


You know it’d be the ultimate sleepover when someone breaks out either the Dance Mat, Mario Kart Wii or Bop It. It doesn’t matter which one you played, because they would all cause laughs. You’d either get your butt kicked on the Rainbow Road or you’d show off your moves to End of Century.


It wasn’t a sleepover with your best gal pals, unless you are grilled on your crush. There was no escaping from the interrogation but it was all in good clean fun. You’d all make a promise to keep it a secret, but someone will give off a funny look to your crush next time in class.


After you’ve established crushes, you’ll begin the mind-games. MSN was the ultimate messaging tools in the 2000s, it was before Facebook messaging or Snapchat became popular. You’d log into MSN, only to log off to get someone’s attention.


Sleepovers are so fun, but the end goal is to sleep. It’s social suicide to fall asleep first as you’ll either be woke up in a horrible manner or mocked in the morning. If you were known as the girl who fell asleep first, you might not get invited to the next one.

Words by Jenna Rink

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