How to keep sane in lockdown 2.0

With lockdown 2.0 well under way, you’d think that we would know exactly what we are doing and how to keep ourselves in check after the first run. Yet, as such social and free beings, lockdown can still get us down despite how much experience we have had this year so far.

And yes, while the lockdown is promised to be shorter and less restrictive, it can be easy to slip into bad habits and not give yourself enough love without even realising.

Here 7 easy things you can do to help keep your mental health in check this time around.


Getting some fresh air in the morning or during a lunch break will really help to keep you in check – the dark nights are drawing in so try and get some essential sunlight in early on. Being out in the fresh air will also give you time to clear your mind and refocus.


Lockdown 1.0 gave us all great expectations for what we could achieve, but a lot of home projects didn’t get finished before we all went back to work/studying. For the next few weeks, attempt to finish things you haven’t got round to yet or set realistic goals for new projects. This way you’ll feel good for achieving what you haven’t already and/or won’t feel guilty when we return to normal…AGAIN.


While those of us in non-essential jobs are working from home once again, it can be easy to slip into bad sleeping habits like last time. To make sure you are looking after yourself, wind down and make sure you get enough zz’s in so you are energized the next day and good to go.


With so much extra time on your hands, it can be easy to lose track and let things get away with you. Try writing to-do lists, jotting down feelings in a journal, or scheduling your week, to declutter your mind. Remember there is no right or wrong with this – go with achievements, anxieties, what you’ve completed, or anything else that comes to mind.


It can be so easy to get sucked into your phone and, before you know it, you’ve spent hours scrolling. Limit the time you spend on different apps and maybe set limits – maybe you only check TikTok after all your chores etc. Socials are a great way to keep in touch but watch out for unnecessary scrolling.


Sitting on the couch typing emails and doing zoom calls is an easy and comfortable thing to fall into. But when it comes to relaxing in the evening you might struggle to wind down. Create designated working and relaxing areas in your home so you know what head space to be in.


Right now it can be easy to think negatively and focus on the bad bits; you’ve been here before and you thought your’d seen the back of it, right? Me too, and there is nothing to keep you going more than thinking about the future and what prospects you have. You are a great person with big things ahead and getting excited about what is to come is well within your rights. Thankfully everything is temporary and so great things are on your horizons.

Words by Shannon Mountford

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