Ethical alternatives to buying books on Amazon

Sure, Amazon is one of the largest and easiest online shops to buy from – but it’s not always the best. They are considered one of the least ethical companies on the planet due to alleged mistreatment of staff and not paying them enough. This combined with them crushing smaller independent retails, makes it feel questionable to buy books from them.

That’s where we come in! We have researched and found five other alternatives to buying books online, so you no longer have to buy from Amazon. 


They are one of the fastest growing online bookshops and their goal is to provide an alternative haven to buy books at cheap prices. They offer over 10 million books with free delivery to over 100 countries.

Check them out here


This one is a brilliant concept that enables you to buy books and ebooks (plus DVDs, blu-rays, music and gifts) in the same way on Amazon, but each purchase supports your local independent shop. Plus the site has free UK deliveries on all of its orders and student discounts.

Check them out here


They are the top-rated bookseller on Ethical Consumer’s magazine and all the profits support a good charity. For paper books, they have a best buy option to buy second hand and do well to keep the costs down.

Check them out here


With over 1 million new and used books, Better World Books is a great place to shop. They offer worldwide free delivery, and donate a portion of all sales to fund literacy programs. It literally doesn’t get any better than that!

Check them out here


An award-winning independent bookstore with seven shops in the UK with a long history of selling books. You can order online and collect the same day, or even just have it shipped to you with free delivery.

Check them out here.

Words by Michelle-Meghan Williams

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