Christmas films to binge this year on Netflix

Netflix is the ultimate go-to for movies and it’s no different at Christmas. They put a lot of effort into making cheerful movies to get you through the holiday season and to feel joy. 

Here are five of our top picks for Christmas films to watch this year on Netflix.


Emma Roberts and Luke Bracey play two friends who make a pact to be each other’s dates for all the holiday events. They state that they’ll be no romance, but as their bond grows over their hatred of the holiday – they soon find love.


A Magical and musical adventure that is a visual spectacle for all ages. It brings a fresh perspective on the holiday season and set in a fantasy world. With amazing visuals, an incredible cast and catchy music – it’s the one to watch this Christmas. 


Starring Christina Baranski as she returns home to sell her father’s land. She is shown the error of her ways by a glorious angel played by Dolly Parton. Of course music from the star that is Dolly Parton, the film is just perfection.


It may be an oldie now, but it’s become a classic. A young journalist is sent to a foreign country to cover a press conference by a Prince, and she ends up being enchanted by the country and falls for the Prince. It’s literally every girl’s dream – to marry a rich royal.


Imagine finding out that you have a doppelganger who is a Princess? That’s what happens to Vanessa Hudgens and they decided to switch playing for a few days. Full of magical moments mixed with Christmas, it’s such a great film to watch with your family.

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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Copyright: Netflix

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