Ways to celebrate the new year whilst socially distancing

Just because we have to socially distance, it doesn’t mean that the New Year cannot be celebrated in style. Sure, you can’t go out to an expensive club or party up with all of your friends, but who wants to go out anyway?

Here are a few different ways to celebrate New Years Eve with restrictions in place.


This is a simple way to save your New Years Eve party, and just host it via video chat. Make your friends dress up in their finest clothes, tell them to prepare food and drinks at home and give them a soundtrack you prepared. You can play games via the video chat and dance it up with them. The best thing about it – you get to have fun whilst remaining socially distanced.


This one definitely should be done without alcohol. Just before the New Year chimes, drive to your friends’ house or select a loved one, and celebrate with them whilst stood by your car. You can bring banners, food or prepare fireworks to celebrate. 


You cannot go into their houses, but parks aren’t off limits. Arrange a socially distanced picnic party in which each household brings their own blanket and refreshments, and you can see your friends from a distance. It’s an alternative to sitting at home wishing you could see them. 


Avoid all of the madness and just have a night in with your household. You can celebrate it in whatever way you want with either a quiet night watching films or a rowdy night playing games. The choice is yours. 

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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