The beauty scam of the century

After months of having dried and cracked foundation on my skin, I finally caved. I’ve been a devout beauty sponge gal, but I was told to try the foundation brush. Apparently, a foundation brush is the future and I was a peasant for using something different.

I decided to fork out for an expensive foundation brush and to try a cheap one from Ebay to compare. The cheap one I bought was like £3, and the expensive and branded one came to £40. During the first week, I’d try the cheap one and then the posh one the week after. 

Week one, I followed instructions from a YouTube tutorial and did my make-up. Didn’t see a difference with the cheap one and honestly thought it made my skin even worse. My make-up looked over the top and not natural. My usual look is a natural face with eyeliner and mascara. Definitely do not recommend buying a cheap foundation brush.

The second week, I used the expensive. Whilst I saw better results…I did think that the sponge is better. I disagree with using your own fingers, but cannot recommend the foundation brush. Honestly, it is the biggest scam of the century. Forcing me to buy something that just made my skin worse. 

Maybe it’s me, or maybe it’s not. All I can say…make-up is personal and it’s up to you how you do it. Take tips from professionals, but if you wanna stick to the sponge – stick to the sponge. 

Words by Kat Howard

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