Should makeup be worn at work?

With working from home being normalised, it’s led to many discussions of what to actually wear in the workplace. Many have confessed to wearing loungewear instead of office wear, whilst others have decided on making the effort in their looks to make themselves feel normal. 


Women should be able to wear makeup whenever they want if it boosts their confidence and makes them feel good about themselves. A study by Harvard Medical School called the ‘lipstick effect’ study concluded that wearing makeup resulted in women achieving higher grades than those who wore no makeup. It concluded that wearing cosmetics had a positive effect on the women’s minds and made them feel an enhancement in their self-esteem, attitude and personality. 

Therefore, if women get a boost from wearing lipstick to work, then why should it bother anyone else? As long as it’s done professionally to suit the workplace, then it’s no problem. Of course, a full halloween face or extreme colours can be a distraction, but everyday colours should be fine. They allow a person to express themselves and can improve their mood at work. If someone needs a normal workday in this madness, then they can wear makeup at work. 


Whilst some women may be happy wearing makeup, some do not. There is an issue of other women feeling pressured to wear makeup because of others around them doing so and society’s expectations of them. Some people do argue that makeup can distract away from the job itself and instead focus on vanity rather than talent. Work is supposed to be about doing your best, and not posing for a fashion magazine. 


Whilst the criticisms are there, they shouldn’t matter. It’s the individual’s decision and people should respect that. If someone is distracted or disagrees with your makeup, that’s on them for not focusing on their work. 

Express yourself however you want! If you want to wear makeup because it helps you or just because you look great, then do so. Don’t feel bad if you don’t wear makeup, because the natural look is definitely in. Moral of the story – do what makes you happy and forget about the haters.

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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