Virtual date night ideas

Let’s face it – lockdown has put a damper on our dating lives. Whilst  it’s a necessity, it can be awkward and often lonely trying to find a date stuck indoors. Dating doesn’t have to be boring in lockdown, we’ve come up with a few creative ideas to bring the spark back to dating.


Why not break the ice by having a videochat party with them? Houseparty is a face-to-face social network where you can connect with someone and mess around by playing loads of different games – including karaoke. It’s a fun and (mainly) free way to connect with your date and it’ll make it memorable to say the least. 


Sick of being locked inside? Why not try being locked in a virtual room with your date instead? Get to know your date whilst solving puzzles and having a good time whilst doing it. It’ll be the closest you’ll get to a fun and energetic date in lockdown, so why not try it?


So it doesn’t have to be Netflix, but the idea is there. Decide on a film together, decide on a delivery place and video chat whilst doing it. You’ll be able to simulate the date and it’ll be the closest thing to actually having dinner with each other. It’ll be a sweet and unique way of having a fancy-ish date with them. 


Want a more classier date? Try a virtual tour on YouTube or Google Arts to see famous museums you could only dream of seeing. Plus, there is no queue either – so you’ll get in straight away. Video chat together whilst you explore the art and embrace the culture or mock it – whatever you prefer. It’ll be an interesting date for sure, and one that they’ll have not experienced. 


Music concerts are no in pandemic times, but what abut online? You could arrange to get drinks and festival food, and video chat whilst you watch a previous concert online. YouTube has so much on offer, whether it’s the famous Queen concert at Wembley or just Glastonbury – you can experience them for free with your date. 

Words by Jenna Rink

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