GIRLS IRL staff on their body issues

Everyone suffers with body image issues – that’s no secret. Sadly, both skinny and larger people are ostracised and criticised for their body type. In a nutshell – no one is perfect and everyone wants to look like someone else. It’s about time that everyone loved themselves, but that’s easier said than done.

Charlie Vogelsang


I’m stuck in the mindset of idolising my childhood body but that’s such a bad thing to do. I see old pictures of me as a kid when I thought I was fat and realise how skinny I was compared to now. It’s time we realise that our adult bodies are so much more different than when we were children. 

So for 2021, I’m going to try and love myself even more. I want to work through the moments where I feel down and focus more on the times when I feel amazing. My goal for 2021 is to be my biggest fan in my physical and mental self. 

Jenna Rink


Okay, so I’m guilty of photoshopping most of my pictures. My body is fine enough, but it’s my face I have the issue with. I often hide it in most pictures or make it look thinner. I was born with a large and chubby face that puts people off.

My goal for 2021 is to take more pictures of my face and leave them unfiltered. I too want to be my biggest fan this year and forget all those negative emotions I’ve held onto for so long. I want to feel free to take a picture without fretting too much.

Kat Howard


I grew up not thinking much of my body until I reached about the age of 13 – 14. That’s when I noticed other girls develop boobs whilst mine stayed tiny. It was this time that I realised I was different to most of the girls in my class. I was skinny and had no shape to my body – heck I still do.

To solve this problem, I tried to binge food and force myself to eat more. Even last year, I had similar thoughts. People complained about putting on weight – but I ended up losing weight. I’m physically healthy and I need to acknowledge that. So 2021 is the year I accept that I’m a skinny girl and there is nothing wrong with that. 

Nicole Morris


Honestly all of my image issues come straight from the media and social media sites. As a kid, I was happy and unaware of anything bad going on. Suddenly, I became a teenager on Bebo who saw other girls my age wearing makeup and looking so attractive. I wondered why my skin didn’t look that flawless and why I had cellulite.

I see now that nothing was wrong with me. Society puts pressure on us to be perfect – but we’re just human. My mantra for 2021 is to forget about everyone else and focus on myself. I was to be happy and healthy this year and I just wish the same for my family. If you don’t like that, then I’m sorry. This will be the year of self acceptance and happiness. 

Michelle-Meghan Williams


So I grew up in a household full of boys! My mum sadly died when I was young, so my dad and older brother brought me up. I loved it! I was always one of the boys and never really saw my body as anything else. It only clicked when one of my guy friends pointed out that I was just like the guys. He made a huge statement about me always being one of the boys and never being seen as a woman.

My whole identity was brought into question and it made me uncomfortable. I was so upset with the idea of not looking feminine that it began to haunt me. Thankfully, I found a role model in Dolly Parton and tried to adapt to be more like her instead. My goal for 2021 is to be as careful as Dolly and just be happy with myself. Heck, I can always change the bits on the outside – but it’s inside that counts. 


There is nothing wrong with hating your body occasionally, but it has to be to a certain level. Hating on yourself constantly is tiring and life is so short. It’s not worth bringing yourself down all the time as life will be over before you know it. 

Be happy for your surroundings and what you have. If you are skinny, love your body. If you are bigger, love your body. Moral of the story: love your body as it’ll be the only one you get.

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