How to recycle beauty products

We use way too much plastic and bottles that could easily be reused! It’s time to start a revolution and recycle all of our beauty products. Don’t fear, we have the perfect guide of what you can recycle and how – you no longer will feel guilty plus save the planet in the process. 


Shampoos, conditioners and shower gels often come in plastic bottles and they are accepted at most recycling centres or in your plastic bin. Make sure you have emptied and cleaned them, but a trigger head or pump must go in your normal bin. 


These are complicated to recycle, but TerraCycle partnered with Garnier to create a free recycling programme. There are allocated locations to drop off your products and also take sheet masks, face wipes, pumps and roll on deodorants! Find your nearest location here


After taking your make-up off, you can recycle these in your food waste. They are terrible for the environment but can be recycled with your food thankfully! 


Make sure they are completely finished before recycling, but they can be recycled in most schemes. Hairsprays, deodorants and other aerosols can find new life as a recycled good. 


If your tools still work, then try donating them at a local charity shop to give them life with someone else and donating to a great cause. However, if they’re broken – you’ll need to be recycled at a specific place. Find your local one here


Sadly, not everything can be recycled. Cellophane, nail varnish, perfume bottles and brushes are just to be thrown in your regular bin. 

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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