Mother’s Day: Where to order gifts?

It’s almost Mother’s Day in the UK and some of Europe, and why not treat your mother or female parental figure right with a perfect gift. We’ve selected a few sellers who have uniquely crafted stuff so your gifts will feel valued instead of a cheap sell out. 


They have a specific part on the site dedicated to Mother’s Day Gifts to make sure that you’ll have a special and personalised gift for your mum. From customised wall art gifts to engraved boxes, they have it all!

Find more out here


Again, this one has a dedicated section to help you narrow down your search and especially great if you have a picky mother. They have subsections for younger gifts, older gifts and even a gift for your gran.

Find more out here


Not find anything on the previous ones, then maybe try Prezzybox. They have personalised gifts plus branded stuff for fussy mums, but they also have experience days if you think a spa would be the best gift. 

Find more out here


A featured section with personalised gifts which is amazing. If you want to shop locally and support a local store, then Etsy will be the best place for you! You don’t have to see anyone in person but fabulously support a shop close to you.

Find more out here


Like the name suggests, this site provides gifts that everyone just sees and wants. With different sections (including one for people on a budget wanting to spend a certain amount), it’s a great place to find the right gift for your momma. 

Find out more here

Words by Jenna Rink

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