5 drag queen podcasts should you listen to

Podcasts have become the new way of exploring topics that couldn’t be discussed on TV or in films. Did you know that there are many drag artists who have wonderful podcasts? Well, it’s about time you did, and here are five drag podcasts you should listen to.


Hosted by the iconic Divina DeCampo and Ricky Williams, the show catches up with people from the drag world and delves deep into the obstacles they have faced and their journey of overcoming. The first episode featured RuPaul’s Drag Race UK alumni Blu Hydrangea with Vinegar Strokes on episode 3.

Listen to them here and follow them on Twitter and Instagram.


Featuring two of Drag Race’s funniest winners, Monét X Change and Bob the Drag Queen, as they spend an hour bantering just like sisters. Sometimes they’ll discuss politics, and other times they’ll just talk about their lives. Hilarious and it’ll always make you LOL.

Listen to them here and visit their website.


Irish Drag Queens Victoria Secret and Davina Devine divulge every petty thing that rots them on a daily basis. They also share their messy drag stories from their past and gossiping on topics you never knew you wanted to hear.

Listen to them here and follow them on Instagram.


Join hairy faced drag queen Danny Beard and his bff DJ Billy Andrew for their weekly podcast on the latest gossip. Expect interviews, reviews, news, queer history on this brand new and wonderfully camp podcast.

Listen to them here and visit their website.


The UK’s premier podcast for Drag Race hosted by Ed Dyson and Sam Dowler covering all things Drag Race. You want to discuss the Canadian Drag Race? They’ll have you covered. All Stars? You’ll find it here. This is the podcast for the ultimate Drag Race fan!

Listen to them here and follow them on Instagram.

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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