5 Signs your friendship is dying

It’s hard to recognise when your friendship has finally run its course. It’s a difficult step, but one that is crucial for your mental health and happiness. A breakup between friends is arguably worse than a romantic one, as there is no script or set way of how to know when it’s ended.

Here are 5 signs to help recognise when your friendship is dying.


If it’s gotten to the point where you are dreading seeing them, and everytime you do – it’s a whole chore. Then maybe it’s time to end the friendship. If you aren’t enjoying your time with your friend, then what’s the point?


It’s a huge part of a friendship to explore new areas and discuss your lives, but if it’s just the same old thing – thing maybe it’s time to end it. If your friend is constantly talking about their ex that they broke up with years ago, then you step to speak up. If you want to save the relationship, tell them. If you want to end it, still tell them.


A conversation should feel equal, and friendships need to be mutual. If your friend isn’t listening to you properly, or constantly talking about themselves – you need to talk. Friendships shouldn’t be one-sided, and if they are – that’s a red flag. 


Do you ever see a message from someone and just instantly ignore it? If you are in your friendship, then it’s time to end it. If you are actively avoiding their conversations, then you should break it off. It’s not fair to them and not to you. 


If you are making up excuses not to see them, it’s time to end it for good. Again, it’s not fair to the friend and it’s not fair to you. You both need to discuss why you don’t want to see them and the steps forward. You choose your friends, so make sure you enjoy your time with them. 

Words by Jenna Rink

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