Every vagina is different

As a kid, you’d often play with a Barbie doll of some sorts and naturally you’d be curious what is underneath. It’s okay, we’ve all checked out what was underneath. You’d look at Barbie’s vagina and compare it with your own. Of course, that’s when you’d learn that every vagina is different.

Movies and artwork often just show the ‘Barbie vagina’ as it’s deemed the most desirable. This isn’t the reality of many women and here are a few ways that vaginas are different to show that every vagina is different. Don’t worry if yours isn’t on here, as long as your vagina is healthy and you’re happy with it – that’s all that matters. 


No vagina smells the same and even the same vagina can smell different due to changes in your body. During your period, your scent will change to metallic. As long as it’s there isn’t a huge change or a fishy smell, then your vagina is healthy and normal. 


Not every girl has the Barbie vagina, as everyone’s shapes and lips are completely different. Some lips are even, some are hidden and others are misshapen. That’s fine and you should just love your vagina for the unique shape it is. 


Your vagina doesn’t have to be pink to be the norm. It’s different for everyone and some have vaginas that match their skin colour and others don’t. Get to know your colour and know what is normal for you, so that if you’re unwell – you can spot the difference.


Many think that the clit is just a tiny button above the vulva, but that isn’t always right. The size of the clitoris varies in size and can be hidden due to different sizes and thickness. Take your time in finding it and don’t worry if you don’t find it straight away. 


The vagina walls are all different sizes and each woman has a different experience with sex. The average of the canal is about the size of a lip gloss tube. Some women have narrow ones that can cause pain during sex and inserting tampons. Take it easy with your partner and never be afraid to seek help if you are struggling.

Words by Jenna Rink

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