5 Reasons To Check Out Team Body Project

Team Body Project is a company that focuses on real workouts for real people delivering real results. It’s run by a husband and wife duo, Daniel and Alexandra Bartlett, who focus on low impact, high intensity workouts on their YouTube channel and brand.

They make working out fun and give you something different to do in lockdown. Here are five reasons you should watch Team Body Project.


Lockdown has been hard and no one has infinite motivation. Working out seems like an impossible tasks, but hosts Daniel and Alexandra make is all seem so fun. They are genuinely funny and it’s obvious that they are enjoying themselves. Working out with them will make you feel better about yourself.


Instead of intense workouts that last over an hour – they deliver safe and healthy routines. One of their key aims, is to make you feel better about yourself mentally and physically. You can go at your own pace, and they encourage you to drink water or take breaks whenever needed.


Through their YouTube channel and their program, they have so many workouts. From cardio to pilates, they have it all. You can do the workout that fits you best and something you’ll enjoy.


In their videos, they always have people from Team Body Project. They are realistic and normal people who just want to work out to feel better. You don’t have to be intimidated by incredible fit and ripped people. It’s refreshing to see people who want to be fit and actively trying – it adds motivation and makes you feel less alone in your journey.

100% FREE

There’s no catch to their YouTube channel as it’s 100% free to watch and do. You can sign up to The Body Project’s website and download the app for extra free workouts, or just stick to YouTube. It’s clear that the hosts just want to help people achieve their dream fitness without a huge catch.

For healthy and fun fitness workouts, check out Team Body Project on YouTube or on their website.

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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Copyright: Team Body Project

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