Best Places to rent clothes online

We’re living in a time where it’s trendy to support ethical fashion ideas – which is amazing. More people than ever want to try and save what’s left of our planet and create a better world for everyone by living more sustainably.

Of course, people are buying recycled clothing and upcycling older clothes instead of supporting fast fashion…but what about for special occasions? Instead of buying a dress once and never wearing it again, why not rent your outfit. It’ll be a cheaper and better alternative than buying an expensive dress once, only to discard it. 

Here are five of the best places to rent online clothing. 


This is a monthly rental service where you pay either £69 per month for two items or £99 per month for four items. The items you rent are worth between £500 – £1000 and the brand works directly with big designer companies on a regular basis. Onloan gets past season stock and wants to support designers allowing their products to keep their longevity. If you love getting designer clothes every month, this could be the service for you. 

Find out more here.


This site lets you choose your items and there is no subscription charge with dresses starting as little as £15. You find out which item you want, select how long you need it and then get it almost the next day. They strive to be body inclusive and positive with sizes ranging between UK 6 – 16. Find that perfect party dress whilst helping the environment by using a preloved outfit. 

Learn more here.


Love handbags but don’t want to pay designer prices? Cocoon is a London-based monthly subscription service for anyone who loves bags and wants to show off their style. For £99 a month, you can choose from a range of designer bags that are vintage or the latest fashion trend to show off. 

Find out more here


This is a rental service that also gives you the option of purchasing something unlike most other rental services. If you end up falling in love with an outfit, you can buy it! This service combines stocks from brands as well as people’s personal collections. Everything is taken care of by the team and this service allows you to enjoy fashion in a sustainable way. 

Learn more here


This brand buys the products directly from partners with three different options to shop with rent, buy new and buy good as new. The stock is curated by the brand with multiple sizes in almost all of their items. Customers can choose from 4, 10 or 16 day rental period plus they don’t have to worry about messing up their outfit as it’s dry cleaned afterwards. The best thing is that if you order an extra size to make sure it fits, as long as it’s not worn – you get a refund. 
Find out more here.

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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