5 skills to learn this year!

By this time in lockdown, you’ve probably binged all the shows that you had on your Netflix list and are sick of spending most of your day scrolling through social media. It’s time to get your creative juices flowing and change up your routine.

There are so many different skills for you to learn online and we’ve picked the best free courses for you. From finding out how to write a novel, to learning a brand new language, here is a list of five free skills you can learn whilst in lockdown.

Learn to code

Ever wondered how websites are created, or even how your favourite video game was made? It was all due to a talented person who made the code behind the product. In this digital age, the ability to code is no longer just for geniuses.

There are many websites that’ll teach you how to code, but Codecamedy has an introductory quiz that’ll find out what level you are at and advise you in the best way to start. Coding is a highly sought after skill, that’ll not only keep you entertained during lockdown but will improve your job prospects.

Learn a language

As one of the biggest sought out skills from employers, adding a new language to your repertoire is a productive way to kill time. Learning a language requires dedication and patience, so take advantage of this lockdown and get started!

Duolingo is the best way to learn, as it has an easy to use app and website. It’s ranked the third best app in the education section on the app store, and almost 85% of it’s reviews detail its success. There are so many different languages available with various ways of learning. From translating sentences to engaging in chats with other learners, there is a method suitable for everyone.

Learn first aid

Perhaps the most vital skill on this list. This crucial skill will not only help save lives but encourage confidence and comfortability during a crisis.

Despite it being an essential skill, it’s tough to find a valuable course for free. Futurelearn has a free two-week course that’ll help you recognise and manage emergencies. The course, developed by The University of Glasgow, is taught by a senior lecturer and is therefore accredited. Take this spare time to learn a valuable skill that could potentially save a life in the future.

Learn how to write a novel

If you’ve always dreamt of being a novelist but are unsure of where to start, then look no further. The best course online is from Michigan State University. It’s a 26-week syllabus that follows all the steps in writing a novel, spearheaded by experienced writer David Wheeler. The course will begin on the 4th of May and each week will provide guidance and support for your writing. So, why not spend lockdown creating and developing an idea for a fully-realised novel.

Learn digital marketing

Since technology has taken over, everyone is interested in learning this skill. With topics varying from analytics to business strategies that can either help you with your own projects or vastly improve your job prospects.

Google’s Digital Garage has the best course for digital marketing and is accredited by Interactive Advertising Bureau Europe and The Open University. It’s self-paced and you’ll receive a certificate at the end to show off to the world. Learning this skill will be extremely valuable to you and will make time fly in lockdown.

Words by Jenna Rink

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