5 tips on how to live more sustainably at home

Sustainability has been growing in popularity as people realise that they want to have a happy life whilst protecting the planet. With people being forced in their homes a lot more, sustainable living is easier than ever.

Here are a few tips on how to live more sustainably comfortably at home.


This is an excellent way to save money whilst saving the environment – plus you get to see your own food grow. It will limit supermarket trips and the hassle of finding the right produce. Grow your own in a garden, or in your flat with so many kits to help you grow your first produce. 


You can recycle so many things and allow them to be reused. Plastic and cardboards often have their own bin you can recycle in. Clothes can be dropped off at Charity Shops or Clothes bins. Your local supermarket will have clothes bins and recycling bins too. The small changes will definitely make the difference in the long run.


This may sound simple – but many forget. If you aren’t using your TV or Laptop, turn them off instead of setting them to standby. They’ll add up and make such a difference over time. It’ll help your carbon footprint, and save you money as well – win win! 


Cars have made our lives so much easier, but is a car ride always needed? If you are driving to the supermarket for little trips, maybe reconsider and just do a big shop. Walk to closer places as it’ll be better for your physical and mental health – but it’ll help the environment so much! If you need to travel, try car sharing or public transport as long as it’s safe.


It may be cheaper and more convenient to buy your usual goods – but it’s not great for the environment. Throwing away cleaning wipes and clothes is a waste – maybe consider using the reusable wipes or biodegradable wipes. They are usually a bit more expensive but better for you and the world in the long run.

Words by Kat Howard

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