Best tips for dying your hair at home

Not everyone has time to visit a salon, and with lockdowns and tiers – it’s always a guess as to when things will close. Don’t rely on news to look good, here are the best tips for dying your hair at home. 


It’s better to have left over dye – than have uneven colours and need to run out to pick some more up. Especially when dye is time sensitive.


This is a step most people ignore but it’s a must! Everyone’s skin is different and you never know what might react. Better it be a little bit rather than your entire scalp. The same goes for strand test, test before you dye your entire head to make sure that it’s the colour you want. 


Keep your hairline clean by applying lip balm or vaseline to stop the dye going on your skin. It can be extremely frustrating to have to try and get red dye out of your skin. It’ll obviously come out – but it could take a few days. 


Whilst it is easier to use a bottle – be more professional. Set up a mixing bowl and get a toothbrush or colour brush to ensure that it’ll be evenly mixed. This will help to make the look seem almost like an actual hairdresser did it.


Again – don’t use the bottle to just pour it all on. Section your hair and go through it meticulously. Start from the top and work your way down – make sure you don’t forget the bits underneath your big pieces of hair. 

Now go forth and make yourself look fabulous.

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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