5 reasons dating apps work

Online dating gets a bad rap and many people fantasise about dating in the past. Dreams of dating through letters and the romance of courting like that. It’s literally the same as dating on apps – but this time you get to see the person first and it’s more instant. 

Dating apps are not all bad – here are just a few reasons why they are good.


There is no shame in finding a boost in your self esteem with online dating apps. It’s an excuse to dress up nice and show your best self. The attention from someone is always flattering and you are in complete control of the relationship as you decide whether or not to block the loser.


Whilst catfishing is a thing – it’s harder to do this with verifications online. Plus, if someone has limited social media, it’s clear they aren’t real. Online dating allows you to see the person before you actually meet them and you get to be superficial without hurting their pride. Of course relationships are built on personality and trust – but you have to have some sort of attraction to them.


Sufferers of anxiety or generally nervous people can meet people safely. You don’t have to go on blind dates or awkwardly flirt at a bar. The control is in your hands and at your own pace. 


No one is perfect, but you can explain yourself in the best way possible. Show your best pictures and give all the great details about yourself. Let’s face it, people do this anyway on dates but this way gives you more control.


The internet is wonderful for bringing people together and you might be able to find the person who likes that niche book series you like. Online dating allows you to find someone who likes what you like. It’s even better for people looking for specific dating requirements such as religion.

Words by Nicole Morris

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