Ways to manage loneliness

Loneliness is a taboo subject that people are just expected to deal with. It’s something that shouldn’t be swept under the rug anymore – people should face it head on to heal. Loneliness is linked to depression and other mental health issues. 

Obviously, seek professional help from doctors if it becomes unmanageable, but here are a few ways to manage it yourself.


Don’t set goals that aren’t manageable – but something that you could reach. Start with small steps such as texting a close friend or family member and let it progress from there. Gradually build up to bigger steps. 


Take yourself on a date – whether that’s a shopping date or food date. You are a queen and deserve the best, so don’t forget that! 


Join a peer support group and get help from others suffering with loneliness too. Use your own experience to help others, and you can gain that from people too. You’ll be in a space where you are accepted and understood. Mind UK has more information on this here.


A companion is always a bonus – whether it’s a furry one or a scaly one. They can reduce depression and stress, plus spending time with your pet can help to make you feel less lonely. You can talk to your pet and cuddle them if your pet isn’t water based.


Fight loneliness and build up a skill in the meanwhile. You can meet like-minded people with similar interests, and Facebook is a great place to start. Search for things you are excited about and find a group that way.

Words by Kat Howard

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