It’s okay to avoid social media

The irony is that many of you will have found this through social media – but that’s okay. People think that you have to be constantly online now and there’s the fear of missing out if you don’t. This is not reality and it’s perfectly fine to avoid social media for your mental health. 


It becomes an addiction where you have to constantly check it and keep up to date – this isn’t healthy. You shouldn’t feel obligated to post a happy selfie or post on one of your accounts. Being angry and upset are emotions that are completely valid. 

Just because influencers are posting these sorts of things – doesn’t mean you have too as well. Social media isn’t reality and people forget that. You are swept up in the excitement and accessibility that you assume it’s real life. 


Be selfish with your self care and tune out. Not everything has to revolve with online and if the lockdowns have taught us anything – it’s do what is best for you. Some people love social media and feel validated on it – that’s fine too. 

Don’t compare yourself to other people, just do what you want. Social media is a huge part of existence now, but that doesn’t mean it’s a necessity. If you are truly struggling then set goals and don’t allow yourself to look at your phone past a certain time.


In closing, social media is bacteria. It’s good sometimes but can be harmful at others. Positive things come out of this but not all the time. If you need a digital detox – go for it. No one can stop you from taking a break from social media.

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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