Life lessons learnt from Ugly Betty

It’s crazy to believe that it’s been 15 years since Ugly Betty premiered to audiences across the world. We were brought into Betty Suarez’s world and saw her struggle to rise as a magazine journalist in a fashion environment. The adorable and inspirational fish out of water really taught us all some valuable life lessons.

To celebrate it’s 15th birthday, here are five life lessons learnt from Ugly Betty


Betty is an inspirational character who pursues who dreams no matter what! Mode isn’t the magazine of her dreams but she adapts to her situations and never gives up. Even though she has to commute a long way, put up with ridicule and a poor wage – she never gives up on her dream job as a magazine writer. 


In life, people can be cruel. It’s a sad life lesson – but you’ll never be friends with everyone. Betty relentlessly tries to make friends at Mode but they just mock her more. She gains respect once she finally stops trying so hard and becomes herself. Just remember to be yourself and it doesn’t matter if you can’t befriend them.


Many characters start off as enemies but the relationships all begin negatively. Throughout the show, Betty and Amanda become good friends as well as Daniel and Wilhemina. Don’t worry too much if you get off on the wrong foot with someone, life is so fast that it’ll probably turn around after some time. 


Betty and Henry, Betty and Matt, Daniel and Amanda – the list could go on forever. Relationships and working together just don’t go well together. You are a different person at work and need to be professional. They rarely work out, and when they don’t – it’s catastrophic for the entire office.


It’s easy to judge a rich person as a snob and a douche – but that’s not their full personality. Throughout the series, we see Daniel and Claire develop into caring and interesting characters. The same with Betty’s family, as they could be deemed less intelligent because they aren’t wealthy – but each member has their own talents.

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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