How to switch off

Working from home is now the norm due to lockdown restrictions and it’s hard to switch off. Not easing your brain can be damaging for both your mental and physical health – so it’s important that you learn how to do it. 

Overworking can be a distraction for many things, but it’s not an excuse. Here are a few tips to help you switch off after a long day at work or school.


Whilst it may sound simple – it’s hard to do. Make sure that you separate work and relaxation time by setting a certain time to work and relax. For example, you could work your usual hours of 9 – 5 but then afterwards focus on relaxing. It also helps if you can set up a work space away from your bedroom or living room to ensure that there is a separation there. 


It is hard to switch off and ignore all chats at night. If you have Slack or email on your phone – switching off it a lot tougher. Make sure to mute notifications in the evening and just focus on yourself rather than work. 


Some restrictions are still in place but that doesn’t mean you can’t make plans. Whether it’s exercising in the park with a friend or a video party – set plans afterwards. It doesn’t have to be something big but something different to look forward to.

If none of these work, then consider speaking to a professional at the NHS – details here.

Words by Kat Howard

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