5 Ways to avoid Fast Fashion

The world of fast fashion is getting increasingly cheaper and more convenient, which sadly comes with many different problems. It’s easy to open an app on your phone and order multiple outfits to your door within the week at an affordable price. Unfortunately with this, fast-fashion is now rapidly polluting the earth with the toxic chemicals and waste it produces.

However, in the past year sustainable fashion has become more popular and no longer has the stigma of used and dirty clothing. Sustainable fashion is reusing beloved items and giving them a new home, whilst also helping the environment in the process.

According to research by Google, the fashion industry accounts for 20% of wastewater and 10% of carbon emissions globally. Whilst big companies should be responsible for big changes, it’s up to us fashionistas to invest in not only our wardrobe but in the environment as well.

However, fear not! It may seem daunting but it’s possible not to compromise your style and also shop sustainable fashion. Here are a few easy pointers on how to avoid fast-fashion and make your wardrobe more sustainable.


It’s not always possible to get out to the local shops and ordering online is sometimes the only thing you can do. Thankfully, many sustainable clothing shops have launched websites that deliver and reduce packaging such as shops like Lucy & Yak, Rixo, Monki and Reformation. These brands make a conscious effort to focus on producing ethical clothing by working with fair trade producers and sourcing recycled fabrics.


Do not underestimate or judge charity shops before you’ve looked around a few. Sure, there are still a rare amount of charity shops that are dated, but in 2020 they are more accepted. There is no longer the stigma attached to shopping in charity stores and you can often find some amazing bargains whilst also helping charities. Plus you can recycle your own clothing by donating unloved clothing all for a great charitable cause.


Apps like Depop and Ebay have grown tremendously in the past year as people are beginning to appreciate used clothing. It’s not always the case of buying someone’s old and dirty clothes, as used clothes are now seen as vintage and sustainable. Depop and Ebay are not only sources of sustainable fashion, but are often a lot cheaper than the fast-fashion brands. Although, watch out on Ebay to make sure that you are buying sustainable fashion and not cheap manufactured goods.


Now this actually a lot more fun than it sounds! A few influencers decided to swap clothes and advocate for conscious consumption. Stories Behind Things on Instagram have been a huge force behind organised clothes swaps throughout the year in London. Don’t worry if there isn’t one in your area as you can organise it between your friends in your house or at work. Just invite friends and create a social event by swapping old clothes, you might even find a vintage treasure.


Clothes break and get torn because they are not made to last forever. This doesn’t have to be the end of your favourite pair of jeans, as you can use a little creativity to save them. An old shirt can become something new with a few tutorials from online. You don’t have to be a mighty seamstress to turn a baggy t-shirt into an upgraded crop top. Plus, you’ll be helping save the planet by reusing your old clothing.

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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