Charlie Vogelsang

Co-creator/Editor-in-chief/Writer/Podcast Host

Charlie Vogelsang is a freelance journalist and podcaster obsessed with all things pop-culture. She writes about everything from films to fashion, and is currently in the process of learning Japanese.

Read more of her work on her portfolio.

Jenna Rink


Jenna Rink is a blogger and all-round spooky enthusiast. No, she isn’t the girl from 30 Going on 30! She runs her own blog about Halloween and loves to write about it.

Read more on her blog here.

Nicole Morris


Nicole Morris is a journalist who loves to focus on fashion and beauty. She doesn’t have professional training but makes up for it with her enthusiasm.

Find her on Twitter here.

Kat Howard


Kat Howard is a music journalist that loves anything metal core. She is an avid podcaster fan and hopes to start her own podcast soon.

Follow her on Twitter here.

Michelle-Meghan Williams


Michelle-Meghan Williams is an aspiring journalist and writer. She started her writing career recently and plans to go to University next year to pursue this dream.

Find her on Twitter here.

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