Nail Trends for Fall 2020

Make sure to book in your next appointment and prepare to be wowed with the latest trends for Autumn 2020. It has been a bizarre year filled with depressing news and total doom and gloom – but that doesn’t mean that you can’t bring in a little excitement to your nails. 

Get ready to show off your freshly manicured nails after choosing one of these fabulous trends of Autumn 2020. Gone are the days of boring deep red colours and bland black nails, here are five nails trends for late 2020. 


Want a professional but stunning style on your nails? You’ll definitely want to look at getting tonal nudes on your nails. Forget about choosing one nude colour, and play around to get a spectrum of different shades on your nails. It’s a new and exciting twist on the nude style of nails. If nudes aren’t your thing, you could always go for a tonal rainbow manicure with soft pastel colours to bring a little more colour into your life. 


We could all do with something to smile about this year and smiley faces are the best solution. Who wouldn’t want cute little beaming faces smiling at you from your nails? It’s the best way to add some positivity to your life and will make your nails look fun in the process. The best part is, that you don’t have to be a nail art expert to do this as you can buy nail art decals to stick on saving you time and effort.


Autumn nails trends for 2020 are more about the design rather than the colours. It’s more about the unique and interesting designs rather than a vibrant colour palette. Thankfully with abstract art nails, you can do both. This nail technique combines both the powerful colours with amazing designs making it a must-do trend to show off in 2020. It can be your favourite painting or just a wacky design that surprisingly fits with the mood of 2020.


Fancy something that looks fun whilst looking professional? Play around with different shades and combinations to make a manicure that’ll be unique to you. With variants from a blush pink based combined with a soft olive wave to a bold blush background with a cherry red wave. It’s the perfect nail look for someone wanting to make a statement whilst looking sophisticated.


This one is my personal favourite and just looks so cool and chic. For me, abstract line art faces are a fresh way to add life to your nails. It takes a skill nail technician to do the designs on your nails, but you can also get easy-to-use stickers if you want to forgo the hassle. Line art faces have exploded in the beauty community, and you can finally match those gorgeous earrings with your nails now.

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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