Why you need to know about Beauty Banks

Founded by best friends – journalist Sali Hudges and colleague Jo Jones – Beauty Banks is a non-profit organisation on a mission: to make hygiene poverty history.

While filming a report on homelessness, Sali was hit with the harsh reality. Many individuals do not have the resources to simply be clean ahead of an interview, health care appointment, or just for general hygiene.

Horrified at how this can be taken for granted and how the access to everyday basics can be difficult, Sali immediately contacted Jo. Within 48 hours – Beauty Banks was born.

Providing essential supplies, Beauty Banks aims to empower the people who don’t have the availability of means of cleanliness and confidence, restoring dignity to those in need.

Beauty Banks – the mantra on their website

Want to get involved?

It costs nothing but your passion and commitment for change. Go along to their website – and download the relevant starter kit, become a BEAUTY BANKER and get campaigning on their behalf. 

There are two types of starter kits available: Private and Public. Private Bankers collect amongst friends, family and colleagues. Public Bankers invite the public and their customers to donate at their shop, salon or cafe.

Beauty Banks will match you with a registered charity in your area so you can donate to them directly – meaning what’s donated local, stays local.

To get started, read through the Bankers Kits, send Beauty Banks an email, using the contact form on their website to register as a Beauty Banker and support your efforts on their social media channels. Then pop up the posters, use their logo and get Beauty Banking. Check out more on their website.

The brand has also teamed up with Cult Beauty for Christmas 2020, in which a £15/$17 donation will be made for every sale of the Cult Beauty Advent Calendar. 

Head over to their website to join the waitlist.

Words by Shannon Mountford.

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