5 fun things to do if you’re single on Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is often thrown in everyone’s face, whether you are single or not. The month throws red hearts, flowers and cheesy romantic gifts all over the shops so it’s hard to escape. Being single isn’t necessarily the worst thing and there are fun ways to celebrate the day without a partner. Here are five fun things to do if you find yourself single on Valentine’s Day (or even if you are in a relationship). 


Use this day to pamper yourself by arranging a beauty treatment, haircut or massage. Set some money aside and arrange a day of treatments, or buy some face masks and other goodies from Boots to have your own cheaper spa night. 


Arrange a date with one of your friends for a fun night. You can pick one of your favourite restaurants and have a special night with your friend. Treat it as a date and just enjoy the night. 


Similar to a pamper day, treat yourself by splurging on gifts for yourself! Get that jacket you’ve always wanted or those boots you’ve been eyeing up for a few weeks. Spend the day pampering yourself with gifts. 


There’s nothing better than a comfort TV show, and what’s a better day to binge than Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s Sex and the City or Game of Thrones, spend the night completely binging your favourite show. 


Exercising can sound like an annoying thing, but with friends it can be fun. Get a few friends together and arrange a yoga or Zumba session. Get a playlist and prepare an area for your little group to exercise in style. You’ll not only feel good, but look good too.

Words by Michelle-Meghan Williams

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