The great british tan-off: fake-tan guide for 2021

Unfortunately it doesn’t look like any of us will be able to get away and get a natural tan this summer like we would have wanted.

So in the spirit of ‘fake it until you make it’ attitude, fake tan seems like one of the few viable options to get the bronzed look. As an avid fake tanner, I have had my experiences with plenty of tanning products and it is well known that I have secured a favourite self tanner, Bali Body.

However, I know that one tan doesn’t suit all, so here are some other amazing self tanners that I particularly rate that you can use at home to get that flawless tanned goddess skin for summer.


For any one who is a novice to fake tanning , or for anyone who is looking for a good reliable staple tan, Liquid Gold is the one to go for. True to its name, the golden undertone of this tanner is perfect for the natural tan look and will leave your skin looking sun-kissed rather than fake-tanned.

The guide colour helps you to apply it easier and without streaks, and also smells quite nice compared to other tanners. It also lasts well if you moisturise daily but removes easily when you need to reapply so its a great all rounder.


From the fake tan queen herself, Molly Mae, there is no question why this tan is highly rated. The mousse glides on effortlessly and blends well over the skin, leaving your new tan on point.

With a golden finish, this is the perfect tan for day-to-day wear, as it balances the flawless glow with the oh this is a natural tan from my garden look.


If you have never tried this tan before, look no further. This provides the darkest tan I have ever known from a bottle product making you look and feel like you have been in the Carribean.

While the tan pumps out white, if you take your time and remember to do small crevices, your tan will be flawless. Streak-free and smooth, this is the perfect tan for that ultimate summer glow.


Using this tan will leave you literally smelling like a watermelon, and who wouldn’t want that?! The formula provides a smooth and streak-free natural looking tan, without the typical fake tan smell so people can be kept guessing where you’ve actually been on holiday.

As a more premium brand with a premium price, this tan lasts for at least 7 days if you keep your skin moisturised meaning you can go keep up your glowy tan for weeks from just one bottle.


This beautiful tan serum will leave you glowing like nothing you have seen before. The iridescent pigment makes your skin have the most perfect glow, developing over 8 hours to leave a natural, smooth tan.

When I say, however, a little goes a long way, please believe me. Unlike other fake tanners, this tan does have a serum consistency so four pumps is way too much for just one arm. PRO Tip: Cocoa Brown Self Tanning Wipes available at Cloud 10 Beauty are the perfect product to use to get a flawless and most importantly natural tan on your hands and face.

Words by Shannon Mountford.

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