Podcast by women you should check out

Podcasts are a great way to feel better about yourself and listen to problems that you can relate to. Of course, the GIRLS IRL podcast is highly recommended and make sure you listen to it here. However, if you’ve listened to all of our episodes, we have some more recommendations for your podcast lovers. 

Here are just a few that you should check out.


Michelle Williams and her friends let it all out as they reveal their mental health experiences such as with depression and anxiety. Hosted by Williams, she has celebrity interviews that offer skills on how they manage mental health hardships and coping strategies for emotional well-being. 

Find it here


Hosted by Fearne Cotton, she talks to various guests about their mental health and their coping strategies. It has a refreshing view on mental health as a positive thing, rather than a negative stigma. Guests vary from pop stars such as Robbie Williams to TV host Phillip Schofield, Happy Place covers every famous person in British society. 

Find it here


Jada Pinkett-Smith is joined by her daughter, Willow Smith, and her mother, Adrienne Banfield-Norris, as they host at their home and set the scene for ground-breaking conversations. From talks of white privilege, to marriage issues, nothing is off the table on this podcast. 

Find it here.


Hosted by life-long besties, Sophia and Cinzia, this podcast is one for people who love gossip mixed with real dilemmas. They make sense of the difficult conversations and relationships such as boys wasting girls and have a real girly chat about it. 

Find it here.


It started as a social media post, and now is a movement. Jameela Jamil challenges society’s definition of worth through weight by asking different leaders, activists, influencers and friends about how they are working through their past shames to find value. From hilarious to vulnerable conversations, this podcast has everything you’ll need.

Find it here

Words by Charlie Vogelsang

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